Moon Mama Candles

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Approximate Burning Times*:

8" Tapers = 4.5 Hours each
10" Taper = 5.5 Hours each
12" Taper = 6.5 Hours each
2" Votives = 2.5 Hours each
3" Pillar = 6 Hours each
4" Pillar = 8 Hours each
6" Pillar = 12 Hours each
8" Pillar = 16 Hours each
 *Burning times may vary


Candle Care Tips:

  • Do not leave candles in direct sunlight, in extreme heat or in extreme cold.


  • Keep burning candles out of drafts and away from ceiling fans. Drafts will make the candles burn unevenly, causing dripping and shorter burning times.


  • When burning multiple candles, place them at least 5 inches apart if possible. The heat from one candle will cause the other to burn too quickly and drip.


  •  Pure beeswax candles often develop a cloudy appearance called "bloom." To remove, use a hairdryer on the lowest setting and gently heat the candle, constantly keeping the dryer moving. Be careful not to melt the wax!